October 2016

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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September 4, 2017

hey fam,
well i hope everything with you guys is going good! here we just had changes, nothing really changed a ton for me, 3 people left my district, and so we will have some new missionaries coming in, but all is good, 
really looking back at this past change i can see the progress, haha at this point last change my district had 1 babtisimal date, now we have 9, and every sector in my district is sharing the glory, meaning that all the sectors are running these fechas,

so i put the title we got cuase well that is exactly what is going on, i have spent lots of time teaching the law of chastity as well as talking about divorce and marrage, i am getting to the point where i should just go get my law digree in this! haha i have become very familar with the laws here about all of this, due to the fact that some people dont want to get divorced becuase they are recieving money for there kids, and they thing that that will change when the divorce happens, money really is a big deal for a lot of these people, they really are afraid of marrage becuase they think that they will lose money, but as i have been going through all the laws in most situations the people are actualy going to gain money,

so this last week we found a girl to teach, she has 14 years old, her life is pretty torn appart right now, she ligaly has to be away from her father, right now she is living with her brother, as we taught her the second lesson she really opened up and told us everything, we talked about it all and she wants to be babtized on the 15 of september, after talking to her it really made me see how hard it is for the youth here, all there families are torn appart and a lot of time the kids just want to have a family.

babtism really is a point in peoples lives where they can really start over and look into the future with a lot of antisipaction. 

right now all is good for me, we are really trying to work hard, with the ward and all, we are also getting excited becuase the 18th of september is coming up, the indapendance day of chile, it really is a big deal here, 

thanks for all you do for me, i hope you all have a  great week!

elder anderson. 

The eagle has landed

August 28, 2017

sup fam!

nother week wearing the rubber off the bottom of my shoes, haha but all is well here on the coast of barrancas! last week i talked about the miricles that have been happing in the sector, well god has continued to bless us, at the moment we now have 4 dates for babtisms all in the months of september as well as a few other dates as goals with a few other people, but as every great thing happens its kinda like looking down a barrel of a gun at some moments, let me explain, we have rosa, alva, diego, juan manuel, manuel, fitler and patricia, and veronica, all of these people that are in this list are people that are progressing and that i am teaching, all of them except juan manual need to get married, this would be 6 wedding that i will have to get going, as well as one of this couple does not have any papers to get married here in chile, we figured a way so that we can send them to the hatian embassy where all of the laws of haiti apply, there we can get them married, but anyways will all of the success that god has given us i can see where it comes from, obedience and giving it our all, god really wont bless us if we put in 99% or even 100%, i know a person who is school they were always looking to get more than 100%, and now i understand, we are looking to give 100% we are going to give 200%, all that we have and all that we dont have, thats what it takes,

so my french creal is coming along, for those of you who dont know that is the language that the hatianos speak, a while back i made the dicision to learn this language, i am now to the point where i can camunicate pretty good, lots of verbs i dont know but i understand, a few week back when i made the decision i had to give a babtismal interview to a lady who only spoke this language, god blessed me in the time to be able to understand everything that she was saying but leaving that interview i decided its time to speak like a hatian!

so i say the eagle has landed becuase THE PACKAGE HAS COME!!! a box full of stuff that i have been waiting for from my family has finally come!!!!!! it took like 3 months but i finally got it!

so one thing that i learned this past week while i was teaching elder Nuñez was that we waist a lot of time planning for lessons that dont ever happen, during weekly planning, we have made the decision to  change how this whole thing runs, we have stopped planning for lessons and the doctrine we teach and have started to plan exactly for the needs of people and what we need to accomplish in the week. 

i have told you all about the goal we have had to get the attendance of church up to 70 by october, well yesterday we passed our goal we hit 74! now we have  changed goals a bit and we are going to try and hit 80 but maintian this number, as well as if all goes planned we hopefully will babtized a good number of people this next months. 

yesterday in church on of my investigators was talking to one of the members, he found out about priesthood blessings, as he found out about this he asked us for one and explained that he has faith, as we gave him a blessing he starting crying in the middle, after the blessing he was crying nonstop when he finally got wind agian he explained that he had never felt such peace in his life, and he knew that he needs to be babtized, 

the lord continues to bless us here in this sector, so long as we are obedient focused and as we put in this 200% the lord will do the rest. i hope you all can try and apply this in every situation in life.

i love you all, thankyou for your example to me and your love, and for your support, i know i am not perfect and my letters arent always the best but thankyou for always being there!


Elder Kay Anderson


When the starts just line up right

August 21, 2017

Hey fam!

Not a ton of time to write, but the letter I wrote last week about perseverance payed off!  The Lord really is blessing us! Last week I talked about how no one is attending church and things and how we have had the goal to have 70 people in church by October. Yesterday we had 62 people attending church, a few families that were in active, and we had 5 investigators in church, and we have 2 fechas for baptism in the next 3 weeks.

We were super blessed this past week as we kept working and trying to find people.  We found 2 people that are super great, the contacts were for sure inspired of Heavenly Father.  One is named D who is 24 and has a really young family, he works as a deep sea fisherman.  The other is named J who is from the Dominican Republic, he is a little older and is away from his family so that he can work and gain a little money.

Not a whole lot more to say.  I hope all is well with all of you! Love you all!

Elder Anderson.


August 14, 2017
hey fam,
this week we sure put our shoulders to the wheele, the work in my sector is coming along, but the dissapointment also is growing, we put tons of work into the sector and not a whole lot is coming out, we have been putting tons of work into trying to get the ward to work with us, including visiting lots of members and teaching them lessons of a few things, basically trying to get the ward to work how a ward should be in there callings, but in this way a lot rides on the bishop, for the least the bishop has to show up no time to his meetings, we worked super hard this week trying to atleast get the members to show up to ward council meeting on sunday, after even calling everyone 30 minutes before the meeting, not even the bishop could show up on time, he was 50 minutes late, and we only had 3 out of all the orginazations show up, after doing all this work i realize how important it is to do our work in our callings and in our wards, after thinking alot about the covanants we made we commited to do a lot more than just obey the cammandments and go to church on sunday, we commited to serve, this makes me think a lot about mosiah 18 verses 8 through10 as well as alma 60 verses 20 through 23, really if we think we will be blessed for only obeying the cammandments and going to sacrament meeting on sundays we are kinda fooling ourselves.

the training of elder nuñez is coming along very well, he is very smart and he really loves to help and serve people, this past week we ended up doing a little bit of service helping a guy lift of some sheetrocking in his house, it was a great experience.

we have started to have a lot more people progress, and as well with that they are having friends that are members, so we are working with that a little more, we had a great noche de hogar last friday where we had 11 investigators and about 40 people in total, it was a great expeirience for the ward and the investigators,

we are starting to work with a few families that are less active, one called that family oroz, they are super great just need a little help getting up and going to church.

i put the word perserverance as my title cause thats the hard work you do after you just got done working hard, haha and thats what this sector needs, we are still working hard and we are going to work even harder this next week, i love you all have a great week!


Not sure what to name this.

August 7, 2017

hey everyone,

this week has been a week chuck full of work, and more work, including racking in the numbers, this week we hit a record in finding the most news to teach, all these people we found are great, i felt the spirit guiding me in the streets to find these people, this week we are going to go back to them all and see who we cant help to progress, 

the ward this past week has given me all the numbers from the past few years and lets just say there i tons of room for improvement, the ward gave us 10 names of families so that we  can visit them, we have plans to go visit one of them tonight with some of the ward members, 

it is super important for all the investigators and all of the less actives to have a friend in the church, it is useless for the missionaries to work without the help of the ward,

this past week i had my first divisions as dl, it was super great and i think that i can really help my district, i can feel of the spirit guiding me and i plan meeting and as i do interviews and as i work with each missionary.

this past p day i went and bought some stuff to make some work out weights, i will send some pictures of them!

my comp continues to impress me in every aspect, we are truly put together here at this time to do some serious work, and we are going get it done, this week we are having lots of ward activities and lots of changes will be made with how we work with the ward,

last friday i left my comp with another greenie as me and the other guy went into santiago to have a reunion with pres with all the district leaders, turns out there are tons of new leaders, i felt a little un experienced in the meeting as i have the least amount of time in the mission to be a dl, but all is good, afterwords i had an interview with president and we talked about the changes we are going to make in the mission and then he proceeded to tell me how much he trusts me, it is good to know that my leader has trust in me to do the things i am, i just have to keep working and make sure i keep that trust.

i love you all have a great week!


July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

Hey fam,

This past week has been super busy, haha both with all my new responsabilities and thing that we are starting to change with the ward, my time to write now is very limited due to the fact that i have tons of thing i now have to do on the computer, so please be patient!

first off my comp is named elder nuñez de peru, he is super cool! i could not of asked for a better comp, he loves to work hard and is super into working in the same ways i am, i love being able to help him and teach him, he is for sure also teaching me tons of stuff! one thing cool about him is that he loves to cook! and food from peru is super good! haha so i will be eating some good food for the next 2 changes, 

i say this is what seperaites the boys from the men becuase really it does, haha being a trainer and district leader is probably the busiest work there is in the mission, all the free time i had now is all sucked up in the work, but it is all good, i really actually enjoy it, tons of work tons of blessings  thats the way i see it.

this week a guy named jean started progressing, he really is amazing, after teaching him twice we took him to the church to show him around, he really like it and asked when he could be babtized, also he said that in one of the lecions books it talks about cammandments, he then asked us to teach him the camandments so that he could start living them! he attended church this past week and tonight we are going to go and finalize the fecha that we put with him for the 12th, we also started working with a guy named rene, he is super good as well, him and jean are actually really similar in a lot of ways, although rene did not attend church, we went and looked for him in the morning but he said he didnt have an iron to iron his pants, we try to talk him into going but he wouldnt budge, this week we are going to make sure he has everything ready by saterday night,

the district is super great, this past week we put together some goals that we all want to have, we put the goals for having lots of activities with the wards and things, 

speaking of the ward, we were shown a program by our mission leader that he suggest us to use with the ward, basically its a whole lot of verifying with the ward and the members and all the leaders getting them to start to really fulfull all of there callings, we are going to start this i think, it really is just going to help us increase the church attendance for our ward, we are having on average about 45 people in church every sunday, my goal is to have about 70, i am going to get a few more numbers from the ward but we are going to do what elder packer suggested in the zone conferance and crunch the numbers and try to get it all into a system that the ward can really get excited to help us out, 

at the end of this past week we started to put into practice the plan del cambio, about asking good questions, we got to the point where we realized it is a whole lot better for the people and for us, we are going to keep going with it and see where it takes us, we also cut the word message out of our vocabulary, and people seam to be a little more responsive, truly that word scares people a bit,
 me with elder nuñez worked super hard, he is a very good elder that is very prepaired to be here in the mission, we are going to make tons of great changes and thing here, 

thanks for all you do for me, if you have any questions please let me know!

elder anderson