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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

Hey fam,

This past week has been super busy, haha both with all my new responsabilities and thing that we are starting to change with the ward, my time to write now is very limited due to the fact that i have tons of thing i now have to do on the computer, so please be patient!

first off my comp is named elder nuñez de peru, he is super cool! i could not of asked for a better comp, he loves to work hard and is super into working in the same ways i am, i love being able to help him and teach him, he is for sure also teaching me tons of stuff! one thing cool about him is that he loves to cook! and food from peru is super good! haha so i will be eating some good food for the next 2 changes, 

i say this is what seperaites the boys from the men becuase really it does, haha being a trainer and district leader is probably the busiest work there is in the mission, all the free time i had now is all sucked up in the work, but it is all good, i really actually enjoy it, tons of work tons of blessings  thats the way i see it.

this week a guy named jean started progressing, he really is amazing, after teaching him twice we took him to the church to show him around, he really like it and asked when he could be babtized, also he said that in one of the lecions books it talks about cammandments, he then asked us to teach him the camandments so that he could start living them! he attended church this past week and tonight we are going to go and finalize the fecha that we put with him for the 12th, we also started working with a guy named rene, he is super good as well, him and jean are actually really similar in a lot of ways, although rene did not attend church, we went and looked for him in the morning but he said he didnt have an iron to iron his pants, we try to talk him into going but he wouldnt budge, this week we are going to make sure he has everything ready by saterday night,

the district is super great, this past week we put together some goals that we all want to have, we put the goals for having lots of activities with the wards and things, 

speaking of the ward, we were shown a program by our mission leader that he suggest us to use with the ward, basically its a whole lot of verifying with the ward and the members and all the leaders getting them to start to really fulfull all of there callings, we are going to start this i think, it really is just going to help us increase the church attendance for our ward, we are having on average about 45 people in church every sunday, my goal is to have about 70, i am going to get a few more numbers from the ward but we are going to do what elder packer suggested in the zone conferance and crunch the numbers and try to get it all into a system that the ward can really get excited to help us out, 

at the end of this past week we started to put into practice the plan del cambio, about asking good questions, we got to the point where we realized it is a whole lot better for the people and for us, we are going to keep going with it and see where it takes us, we also cut the word message out of our vocabulary, and people seam to be a little more responsive, truly that word scares people a bit,
 me with elder nuñez worked super hard, he is a very good elder that is very prepaired to be here in the mission, we are going to make tons of great changes and thing here, 

thanks for all you do for me, if you have any questions please let me know!

elder anderson


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