October 2016

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week Three

October 26, 2016

Well to start off I am ready to get out of the CCM.  It's great and all, but I really want to get out into the field. I want to get out and teach, but I know that I kinda need to learn some Spanish!

So a few things I learned about the West Mission. Its got a lot of Haitians. that speak French and Creole. Some missionaries came into the CCM to go to the doctors office that we have here and they are from the West Mission.  They told me about how people are super willing to be baptized, but they struggle with retention.  It looks like I will be learning french. The other missionaries that have been here for 3 weeks longer left today.  We were all super close, life long friends for sure. You don't think that you can get that close to people in 3 weeks, but trust me its possible. One Elder I am going to miss is Elder Mera he is 24 years old from Peru.  His family disowned him for joining the church. His dad also died on Monday so that was hard.

So let me tell you a little about the town and the options here. There are about 10 different malls within walking distance that I can go to on p-day and there is a Liders down the street. Liders is owned by Walmart. I can pretty much get anything that I want, but no pepper or ranch dressing. There are tons of people selling stuff on the streets, but we don't buy from they though. They raise the prices for Americans.

You were asking about what I want for Christmas and I am not really sure.  Probably 1 or 2 more short sleeve shirts as well as socks and ties, but I think just letters and pictures as well as some wristbands. They let us wear those.

The money system down here runs off of pesos and their bills are in mills. One american dollar is worth 662 pesos. everything here is cheaper. I used my card for the first time today. I only spent a few dollars so let me know if it worked!

So what is going on with Russia and America. Some people say it is getting heated. Please keep me updated on that as well as who becomes president.

Spanish is coming a long. It's super hard, but I just need to keep working at it. Last Sunday we had the South Mission President come and give a talk. He and his wife are super cool. I can't wait to meet my Mission President. On Sunday things are super relaxed. We all write talks for church and the CCM President chooses randomly who will give talks, but I love Sundays here. On p-day we have 2 hours to go into town and then we email and go to the temple. It is so great to go to the temple each week. The temple is super small though, but it is very pretty.

So last night we had to sleep on the second floor. They did a bed bug sweep. Yes we all have bed bugs. You get a few little bites every now and then. Haha, but don't worry.  I am fine.

iIlove you all and thank you so much for everything. I love this missionary work. I cant wait to get out in the field. 

With much love. 

Elder Anderson

Sunday, October 23, 2016

I am being blessed, I know it!

October 19, 2016

Well this week has been a rough week, a lot of soul searching and things, but overall I am doing well. The language here is hard,  but I am getting it. I am being blessed, I know it! This week here it has been cold and raining, but it is all good!

I really don't have a whole lot to write! Here in the CCM there isn't much going on so I will tell you about my schedule. First I wake up at 6:30 and get ready. Personal study from 7 to 8 and then after that it is breakfast and exercise, and then we go back and get ready and have language study.

So Spanish is coming. I can get by, it's hard! Haha, but I just got to keep working at it!

Everyone here is pretty cool.  I am super close with my district. This CCM is the second smallest in the world, so we only have 50 people. Transfers for the old people are next week so I will become a grandpa as they say here. Only 30 people are coming in and 13 staying, so we are getting smaller. So the CCM's President’s daughter knows Aunt Rachel. she came and I got to talk to her. She is from Hyde Park.  Cool lady.

This week I really learned the power of prayer and the power of personal revelation. God really wants to bless us and we need to make sure that we are always in a position to allow God to bless us.

Today we went to this huge mall and we went to this store called Liters. it is a Walmart. Haha, still got one of those down here. Then we went and got a hot dog it was pretty good. It is great to go out into the streets and see the people.

Thank you so much for all your help. I love reading your emails. It will take me awhile to get use to this whole thing, cause right now I get too excited to email that I can’t think straight! Let me know of things you guys would like to know about!

Love you all!

Elder Anderson

Construction in Chile

October 12, 2016

So this keyboard is in Spanish and it will take me awhile to get use to it.
I might not be able to do question marks so I will just put huge spaces.

I am sending some letters out next p-day so be watching for those, but as soon as

I left you guys my flight out of Salt Lake was delayed. We waited for about 45 minutes and
then they made us check in our carry on luggage, so I didn’t have anything that I needed or
wanted. I just had my water bottle. So after the first plane ride we landed in Atlanta at about
10 and our next flight left at 10:30.  We landed in terminal a and we had to go to terminal f in
a half hour. We got on the train and made our flight by the skin of our teeth. The plane ride
was super bad. I didn’t sleep the entire time, so I just looked out the window and got to see
when we flew over Cuba and Costa Rica and all that stuff.

When we landed in Chile we got our luggage.  Everything made it good. The one suitcase took
a little bit of a beating but it was good. We were all super tired. There are 9 of us missionaries
from SLC and we met up with more in Atlanta.  I went through customs all good, but when they
scanned my bags they made me get out my shoe polish to make sure it wasn’t honey or
something, then they gave it back so that was good. There were 3 older gentleman who didn’t
speak any english and did not look like they were from the CCM. but they said they were so we
went with them. In my mind I was wondering if we were being trafficked. Haha, but everything
went good. Trash is everywhere in the streets and on the sides of the roads. and the smell of
Chile is like a mix between taco stands and cigarette smoke. So when we got to the CCM they
kept us awake and doing stuff till that night. I was awake for 38 hours!!!! That is crazy!  The Lord
blessed me that day. I never thought I could have ever done that. We got to the CCM and it is
a cool place. There are only about 20 Americans here and about 50 people total here, but
everything is great. My companion is Elder Hogson he is a good guy. We get along good. In
my room it’s me and my companion and 2 Latinos that don't speak any English. The first few
days I didn’t talk to anyone that didn’t speak English because I couldn’t talk to them. After
learning some Spanish we are able to carry on conversations. One cool Elder is named Elder
Rivas. He is from Masaya Nicaragua. You might of heard of that place!! And he knows Morgan!
He said that he has played soccer with him! That is super cool!

My district has 4 elders and 3 sisters. We all get crammed in a super small classroom all day.
They feed us super well here. I know I am gaining weight. I have eaten my weight in rice over
the past week though. But I am having a good time here. I feel like I have been here for a super
long time. The temple here is beautiful and we are going right after I email you guys. The other
Elders and I are very open with each other so we all talk about our girls when we feel home sick
and to know how homesick everyone else is helps, but I promise I am having a good time. I laugh
a ton! Haha but one thing i really miss is Brooke’s food and cooking because all I eat is rice!
It’s okay, I am getting used to it. I really love you all and I am super sorry that this email is like
all over the place, but there was a lot that I had to just spit out.  I love you guys.  Thank you so
much for your example to me. This church is true and I can see God's hands in my life every
day as well as when I pray I can see the love he has for me and his missionaries as well as
the love he has for all of you.

Till next week

Elder Anderson

I Am Here

October 5, 2016

Hey everyone! I am here in Chile! it is a crazy place, but I am doing well. It was complicated and messed up stuff with the flight.  As of right now I haven't slept in 25 hours, but I am doing great! I love you all and I won't able to write until next week because my p day is on Wednesday. Haha we had a good time running to get to our flight in Atlanta. Chili is a crazy place and it is a lot different than what I thought it would be. Lots of trash everywhere and people running out in the roads.So when I was about to get on the plane in SLC they said we could no longer have our carry on luggage and that it would be sent to Santiago on the house. But for the most part I am loving it so far. All the Elders are way cool and we are super close already. The CCM here is really small, but it is great. I  love you guys so much and thank you for all that you  have done for me.
I love you all so much!!!!!!

Elder Anderson

Send Off

Elder Anderson walked through airport security and to his terminal with a smile on his face and confidence in his steps. It is not easy to say goodbye, but he was happy and ready to serve our Heavenly Father and the people of Chile.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Called To Serve

Jaren Kay Anderson has been called to serve as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  In June of 2016 he received his call to serve in the Chile Santiago West Mission with a reporting date of October 5, 2016. He is assigned to speak in the Spanish language and prepare in the Chile Santiago CCM. We will update Elder Anderson's blog periodically to share his mission experiences and hope that it will also be used as a missionary tool.