October 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Construction in Chile

October 12, 2016

So this keyboard is in Spanish and it will take me awhile to get use to it.
I might not be able to do question marks so I will just put huge spaces.

I am sending some letters out next p-day so be watching for those, but as soon as

I left you guys my flight out of Salt Lake was delayed. We waited for about 45 minutes and
then they made us check in our carry on luggage, so I didn’t have anything that I needed or
wanted. I just had my water bottle. So after the first plane ride we landed in Atlanta at about
10 and our next flight left at 10:30.  We landed in terminal a and we had to go to terminal f in
a half hour. We got on the train and made our flight by the skin of our teeth. The plane ride
was super bad. I didn’t sleep the entire time, so I just looked out the window and got to see
when we flew over Cuba and Costa Rica and all that stuff.

When we landed in Chile we got our luggage.  Everything made it good. The one suitcase took
a little bit of a beating but it was good. We were all super tired. There are 9 of us missionaries
from SLC and we met up with more in Atlanta.  I went through customs all good, but when they
scanned my bags they made me get out my shoe polish to make sure it wasn’t honey or
something, then they gave it back so that was good. There were 3 older gentleman who didn’t
speak any english and did not look like they were from the CCM. but they said they were so we
went with them. In my mind I was wondering if we were being trafficked. Haha, but everything
went good. Trash is everywhere in the streets and on the sides of the roads. and the smell of
Chile is like a mix between taco stands and cigarette smoke. So when we got to the CCM they
kept us awake and doing stuff till that night. I was awake for 38 hours!!!! That is crazy!  The Lord
blessed me that day. I never thought I could have ever done that. We got to the CCM and it is
a cool place. There are only about 20 Americans here and about 50 people total here, but
everything is great. My companion is Elder Hogson he is a good guy. We get along good. In
my room it’s me and my companion and 2 Latinos that don't speak any English. The first few
days I didn’t talk to anyone that didn’t speak English because I couldn’t talk to them. After
learning some Spanish we are able to carry on conversations. One cool Elder is named Elder
Rivas. He is from Masaya Nicaragua. You might of heard of that place!! And he knows Morgan!
He said that he has played soccer with him! That is super cool!

My district has 4 elders and 3 sisters. We all get crammed in a super small classroom all day.
They feed us super well here. I know I am gaining weight. I have eaten my weight in rice over
the past week though. But I am having a good time here. I feel like I have been here for a super
long time. The temple here is beautiful and we are going right after I email you guys. The other
Elders and I are very open with each other so we all talk about our girls when we feel home sick
and to know how homesick everyone else is helps, but I promise I am having a good time. I laugh
a ton! Haha but one thing i really miss is Brooke’s food and cooking because all I eat is rice!
It’s okay, I am getting used to it. I really love you all and I am super sorry that this email is like
all over the place, but there was a lot that I had to just spit out.  I love you guys.  Thank you so
much for your example to me. This church is true and I can see God's hands in my life every
day as well as when I pray I can see the love he has for me and his missionaries as well as
the love he has for all of you.

Till next week

Elder Anderson

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