October 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016

Trabajar in Maipu

November 21, 2016

Well my brain is going crazy right now so sorry if this doesn't make sense! 

My companion's name is Elder Rios. He is from South Chile. Way cool guy. We get along great. He doesn't speak English, but I speak enough Spanish that I can talk to him about stuff. 

My area is in Miapu. It basically a neighborhood. It is pretty great.

So we have some way cool people for our investigators right now. It is so cool to be able to work with them and see them grow in the gospel. One lady we are teaching has cancer and has 3 month to live. It is pretty sad, but hopefully she will get baptized. We have about 5 people we are trying to get baptized right now and out of the 5 two of them are getting baptized this Saturday. Way cool to actually be in the work instead of studying for it. 

So I don't speak true Spanish. Haha! Out here I am learning Chilean. They speak super fast and only say about half of the word. It is great. I am learning fast and people say that I speak good,so that's a plus! 

So out here when people meet each other they give one another a kiss. So of coarse we were in a lesson and some lady walks through the door. I was looking the other way and next thing I know this lady kisses me on the head. After we left the house my comp couldn't stop laughing. Haha you got to learn to stiff arm the people! 

There are a lot of dogs here! They are sick and don't look good. They bark a ton!  I hear dogs barking all day long!

There are also Haitians that live here. I have to learn some Creel to teach them.  They are way cool people and are way humble. I love teaching them. 

I have been yelled at by a lot of people here and called lots of names. Many people don't like white people, but I love the mission. I am doing very well and we are working super hard. My trainer is great. I couldn't ask for a better situation. 

So one of the cool things is that I live with Elder Fuller. At night we talk in English. It's nice to have someone to talk to about things from home.

I love you all. Keep up the good work!

con amor

Elder Anderson

They misspelled my name on my mission picture in the offices.  I am now Jared.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Earthquakes and Trump wakes

November 9, 2016

Haha, so the most exciting thing that happened was a 6.4 earthquake. We were eating lunch and it happened. It barely shook my glass of Fanta. Haha! Most people didn't even feel it. The epicenter was about 20 miles away.

So my transfer into the field will be on Tuesday in the morning. I will get on a little bus with about 6 other elders. It will only be about an hour ride. Not really sure what else is going to happen, but I am in for the ride! Also you might not get an email from me for a while because I don't know when my next p day is! So don't worry too much!

The weather here is just like it would be there in June. It's going into summer. It gets hot at night and hard to sleep sometimes, but its all good. It is just kinda weird because I am skipping a season.

I am so grateful for everything that is going on here. This church is so true. I can't wait to get out into the field. There are so many cool and hard experiences waiting for me. 

Everything else with me is going just great. All my stuff is good. Money is good. My card is good. I am really starting to enjoy the adventures that happen each day.

Mom you said you wanted a pic of my tag so here it is!

So we found out Trump is President during p-day. It was on every TV.  I watched it while I was getting a haircut. I guess the whole world cares!

I love you guys! Be safe! Have fun! 

Love, Elder Anderson.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Putting miles on the leather

November 2, 2016

Well this past week has been full of emotions, good and bad. Ha ha! It's a super long story, but I am doing well. 

So this past Thursday, we took 2 hours and went out proselyting. It was good. We talked to probably 10 people, but they didn't really want to hear anything. Then we talked to one last lady. In our broken Spanish we gave her the run down on a pass along card and a Book of Mormon and we got her number! So stoked! The other missionaries took it from there and will contact her. She was a super nice mom and was really interested in hearing what we had to say, even though we couldn't really talk in Spanish! The park that we were assigned to go to was about 2 miles away from the mtc, so I did a lot of walking this past week considering that I normally sit in a chair for 16 hours a day.

On Friday they loaded my district and another district and we went to the North Mission and went on splits. The Elder I was assigned with didn't speak any English and was new to the area. We contacted some people, gave 2 lessons. I said a few prayers for people. They really like it when you pray for them and we just talked to a lot of people. No one was super interested or anything, but you could see the love that Christ has for them. It was a way good experience. We walked probably 6 miles and it was super hot. It was a super sketchy place in the city. A lot of homeless people, drunk people, gangs, and stray dogs. Everything has sharpened bars around it, but I wasn't scared, just stoked. It was the coolest thing that I have done here in the CCM. 

So one thing that would be good to send me is some american stamps. They work as international stamps down here.

I am doing well. I am staying healthy. I have gained 15 lbs, but everything is good! I am use to everything now. 

I love you all and thank you for the emails and the pics! Till next week!

Love Elder Anderson