October 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Putting miles on the leather

November 2, 2016

Well this past week has been full of emotions, good and bad. Ha ha! It's a super long story, but I am doing well. 

So this past Thursday, we took 2 hours and went out proselyting. It was good. We talked to probably 10 people, but they didn't really want to hear anything. Then we talked to one last lady. In our broken Spanish we gave her the run down on a pass along card and a Book of Mormon and we got her number! So stoked! The other missionaries took it from there and will contact her. She was a super nice mom and was really interested in hearing what we had to say, even though we couldn't really talk in Spanish! The park that we were assigned to go to was about 2 miles away from the mtc, so I did a lot of walking this past week considering that I normally sit in a chair for 16 hours a day.

On Friday they loaded my district and another district and we went to the North Mission and went on splits. The Elder I was assigned with didn't speak any English and was new to the area. We contacted some people, gave 2 lessons. I said a few prayers for people. They really like it when you pray for them and we just talked to a lot of people. No one was super interested or anything, but you could see the love that Christ has for them. It was a way good experience. We walked probably 6 miles and it was super hot. It was a super sketchy place in the city. A lot of homeless people, drunk people, gangs, and stray dogs. Everything has sharpened bars around it, but I wasn't scared, just stoked. It was the coolest thing that I have done here in the CCM. 

So one thing that would be good to send me is some american stamps. They work as international stamps down here.

I am doing well. I am staying healthy. I have gained 15 lbs, but everything is good! I am use to everything now. 

I love you all and thank you for the emails and the pics! Till next week!

Love Elder Anderson

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