October 2016

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Skype is at 6:00 my time!

December 19, 2016

So to start off, we Skype at 6 my time on Christmas!  Please write down some questions you have for me. Haha! That way we can be more productive! I am so excited to get to talk to you all and share experiences with you! I have tons of questions for all of you, especially Morgan and Heidi!

This past week it has been super, super, super hot! Like really hot.  The hottest it got this past week was 40 c whatever that is in f, but ya we are drinking tons of water and let me tell you, we are just sweating it all out. It is good, it gives us more motivation to get into houses and teach!

So speaking of teaching............. we are lighting this place up! I am so excited!  This is my first area and we are really getting some good investigators. We are literally having people call us and say they read our first pamphlet and want to be baptized!!!!!! How great is that! And not to brag or anything, but in one day I contacted all by myself 2 people that are now new investigators!! We are really starting to do well, especially now cause we are in a trio!!!  That's right, Elder Dumer's companion finished his mission and now he is my comp as well.

So this Saturday we have a baptism planned, it will be great!  We have been working with this guy a long time trying to get him to stop drinking and he has been clean for a while, so I think we are good to go! He just has to get interviewed. Things in my zone have changed up a bit also. My old zone leader is now AP and the new zone leader is way cool.

I am really starting to get a hold of Spanish! I still have a ton to continue to learn, but I am able to talk with people without them knowing how long I have been here, and i really am able to see the gift of tongues working with me.
Here in Abrazo we can really see Heavenly Father's hand working.  There is no way that the fruits we are reaping is just because of our work, it is God working with these people.  We are really working hard and we are trying to be perfectly obedient.  This work is so great!  I am so excited for everything that is happening, and I am so excited to get to talk to you guys on Sunday! I believe that it is around 2 your time.
I hope all is well.  Love you all!
Love Elder Anderson

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