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Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 3, 2017

January 3, 2017

Hey everyone! This week has been one of the slower and harder weeks for me. We had last minute changes and on Thursday night we got a call at 10 and Elder Dumer is now a senor companion in the coastal part of the mission. It is back to just Elder Rios and I.  We still are living in the house in the main city, but are planning on moving into our new house tomorrow. When we live there it will just be he and I.

Sorry I didn't write yesterday.  It was some sort of holiday here and so president changed our p day to Tuesday just for this week. Next week I should write on Monday.. 

Since this past week was a little harder me, Elder Rios responded with doubling our numbers. We contacted like crazy and got tons of lessons in and have a bunch of new investigators. 

This past week I studied the talk by Elder Anderson given this past General Conference called A Witness of God. It was a really good talk. We all need to be looking for more opportunities to stand as a witness and to not be discouraged when people don't accept our invitations. People have their own agency and will accept the gospel in their own time. This next week I would like you guys to be looking for opportunities to stand as a witness and then share those experiences with me.

So as we were changing houses Elder Arcos gave me some high topped shoes that are pretty sick and I will use them during the rainy season. 

I have finally been able to answer the long since asked question, how long does it take for once person to use a full size toothpaste tube?  The answer is 2 days short of 3 months. Wow that is crazy, I am just 2 days short of 3 months in the mission!   

I hope all is going well and I really love hearing from you guys. Keep on doing great things!

Love, Elder Anderson

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