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Monday, January 23, 2017

These Boots

January 23, 2017

Hello fam! 

I am reminded of the song by Eric Church called, These Boots.  In the song he talks about how many miles they have walked. Haha, boy I sure walked in my leathers this week! 

This past week we worked hard and it has been a blast! I truly have started to be very, very happy here in the mission.  I love working.  We have been in the streets all day contacting, getting chased by dogs, and exploring and contacting parts of our sector that we didn't even know existed! We have some fields in my sector and it turns out there is a bunch of houses in a grove of trees way out in the middle of nowhere! 

My investigators are doing well.  We have some people that are gold!  We have had a few setbacks though, one got his appendix out yesterday and the other was at her daughters.  Neither of them attended church, so there baptisms will be pushed back another week.

This past week we had a zone conference with President.  He talked about exactly what I needed, how we need to not focus on the down part of our lives and always focus on the good.  We need to focus on the up!  That is what we all need to do and up is always the Savior!

The house is doing a little better. Haha!  I killed lots of spiders! Fixed lots of stuff, but it still needs some work! Good thing I worked for the city! Haha I will rig something up!

I had a talk in church yesterday.  I guess I got carried away.  I was suppose to talk for 7 minutes.  Elder Rios said I was over 20!  I don't think my Spanish was great, but everyone said it was good!  Haha my first talk in Spanish! I really actually loved it!

I love my investigators.  I have really started to love everyone! This is such an amazing opportunity here in the mission.  It is hard. Lots of time it is super hot, but I love it. 

Thank you everyone! I love you all! Hope all is well!

Love Elder Anderson

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