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Monday, March 13, 2017

Changes next week

January 30, 2017

hey fam! 

so changes are next week, i cant wait to see what happens, there will probaby be a change in my companion ship due to the fact that i am ending my training, for nothing is for sure! 

this week i have realized a lot of the importance of my personal scriptures, haha i bought a pair from the lds store before i left, they had some elses name on the front of them, i got them for 9 dollars, i have marked them up and taped stuff in them. i really have made them mine, they have now become one of my most prized possesions. the work of god is 1 of the 4 major importances we have. i incourage you all to truly make the scriptures yours.

so i have now started to fully think and dream in spanish. its is very weird, haha months ago it felt like this day would never come! it is so cool to be able to truly live in another language!

this past week i have had some great lessons, one with a few hatianos that the only problem that keeps me from babtizing them is they work in my sector but live in another. i also had a great lesson this week with a guy who spoke good english, it was good for me, it really showed those points that i need to work on with the gospel and those things i am doing good. since elder rios could not participate in the lesson cuase he doesnt speak english. i was able to truly teach this guy! it was great!

so the house is still in the gull, i have a meeting with the pentionist today about it all. we really just need to move on from this house. its got bad bones! haha yesterday i woke up with a cat in  my face! no idea where it came from but i opened my eyes to see a cat inches from my face! haha it made for an interesting day!

so this past week i had sergery on my toe again, haha i have had lots of pain in my life before but this tops it all. that really hurt! the doc went digging this time! this time my problem is fixed pretty good. just needs to heal up. it hurts to gimp around but i wont let this stop me from doing the work i need to do! another doctor of the mission did it. i will send some pictures of what he was wearing to just work on my toe. he was ready for anything! haha okay never mind i cant send a pic. this week, the computer is being really dumb! but i will try and send some next week!

i love you guys! have a great day and week! thankyou for your love and your prayers!

love elder anderson

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