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Monday, March 13, 2017

I always loved the classics

February 13, 2017

hey fam! 

so to start off this week has been like a dream come true! talagante is dope! it is classic latino agraculture! i really have love it here! as the week has gone on we have been able to explore me sector, it is so huge! we havent even covered a small portion of it. and the best part is it is all farm land and a little city! as the week has gone on we walked and walked and taught! turns out people that live on farms like a good visit every now and then! we have found several people that i have a lot of hope for including an amazing family! i really hope to get all of them babtized! 

one of the cool experiences of the week was when we had lunch with a family in the middle of nowhere, we had to call the garden worker and he came and picked us up and drove for a while just to get to there house, while in the truck we passed tons of fields of everything you could imagine! when we got to there house they were super rich, like super, we had a great lunch in there mantion and then had a good lesson with some of there servants there. haha its was so cool!

so elder clark and i have gotten to be pretty good friends, haha he is pretty different but so am i! we really get along well, honestly i cant remember a time that i have laughed this hard! he is a super funny guy, but he also knows how to buckle down when its time.

the challenge here i think will be the ward, i have made it my personal goal to change the situation here, i wont go into detail, but the ward has less than support for us. they are even to the point where the bishop and the leaders are working against us for the fact they dont like the people that are our investigators, i believe everyone can change, and thats what we have a as a goal for the district, change the wards, it is super hard to do our work when the ward doesnt want to help. i really have learned the importance of every member a missionary!!!!

so over the past week we encountered a lady who was pretty much blind, as she was asking us where we were from she asked if i was from chile, haha it made me feel pretty darn good about my spanish, but i decided now its time to learn french, haha yup, going for the third language, i need to learn this so i can speak to the any hatianos here, we will see how it goes!

some of the great people i have become friends with is elder smith, he is from cache valley as well. we have gotten to be pretty close.

so i have a babtism planned for saturday, we have a few little problems with some things but hopefully everything will be good as he goes through all his interviews, he is a hatiano, so he has a hard time with spanish, but he has a good heart.

one thing that i have pondered this week is what is means to have pure heart, it talked about this a lot in the book of jacob, i have been doing a lot of studying on this and i incourage you all to do some searching and truly try and find what it means to have a pure heart. a pure heart in all things. that is what god is looking for.

i love all! thankyou for everything! have a great week! stay safe with all the crazy weather thats going on!

love elder anderson

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