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Monday, March 13, 2017

You ask me how I know Paco?

February 27, 2017 

well to start off i had a babtism on saturday! it was great, i got to babtize him! this guy also supprised me, every time he has came to church it has always been in jeans and a t shirt and a hat, the sunday he was to be confirmed we picked him up at his house, he came out wearing a white shirt and tie!

so we have devisions every week, as it was really hot and we are all laying there trying to go to sleep the good old kevin anderson special came up, haha if you have ever been around the anderson family for long you eventually get to hear the paco storry, tthe elders loved it, they thought it was really funny, turns out, it is a little funnier when i translated it into spanish! haha needless to say the word has gotten around that elder anderson knows paco, i now have some of the hermanas in my district asking for the story,

so yesterday i got out of talking in church! i had it written and everything! elder clark was speaking before me and just a few minutes before i was to go up i was told i wouldnt be giving my talk, and that they ahd some anouncements to make,

so this past week we have been kinda hungry, pretty much all our food is supplied by the members and when they dont sign up then we dont eat, so for 4 days in a row members didnt sign up! so we at a lot of pb and j sandwitches and a lot of oatmeal! so if there are missionaries in your ward looking for meals, sign up! 

this past week has been a hot one, still trying to get over my cold, and everything, on friday i had to take a nap after studies, just so i could go finish the days work, i am not one to really slack off when there was work, but trust me that nap was very much needed! i wouldnt of been able to walk from house to house without it!

i love you all" thankyou for your support! 

elder anderson.

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