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Monday, March 13, 2017


February 6, 2017

well the big news today is changes! i thought for sure i would be hanging in abrazo for one more change but the lord had other plans! sunday morning i got the call that i would leave the next morning for talagonte, its about an hour away from abrazo, i dont know much about it yet because i have only been here for about an hour but it seems pretty dope!

my new comp is elder clark, he is from indiana, he has been out in the mission for a little over a year, in this change is his first time being senor comp, we live in a pretty big rich house but it is just us that live in it. haha 2 elders 3 bathrooms! also my new zone leader is elder andreas anderson!! haha cachevalley boys! i really have a lot  of hope and a lot of excitement for this new area, it was sad to leave my old area becuase we finally had lots of people with potential for babtisms, about 10, elder rios is in abrazo this will be his 4th change there, he was a little upset when i got the call to leave, but all is well, it was great to finish my training, my spanish is suposedly very good from what everyone says. 

so this morning in changes my suitcase died, the sampsonite one, the wheel on it i guess are pretty wimpy and well, just walking down the sidewalk aways was to much for them, i will be looking for a new one of those here within the next few weeks or months.

it was sad to see my old sector go, the ward members and my investigators, i actually made my retention cry, she is an older lady that got babtized right before i came into the field. she was a great lady and she taught me a lot. i am going to miss my old district, my old zone and the friends and people i had there, but i am looking forward to this next sector and everything great the lord has in store for me here! 

i love you all! i hope you have a great week!

love elder anderson

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