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Monday, March 13, 2017

Wait, how did I get put in charge of this?

March 13, 2017

hey fam!

so next week we have changes, pretty sure that i wont be going anywhere but there is a good chance i will have a new comp, 

this past week has been full of the little trials in life, haha on wednesday i decided to call the doc again about my toe because it just flat out still wasnt doing what is should be, later that night about 10 i met the doc in the church and he took me into surgery again, and again without any pain meds, i am here to tell you, it hurt! haha but this time the doc really took me appart, the toe is already doing a whole lot better,

this past week all there hermanas in my district have been sick, 2 of them sick with chicken pox, and the other sick, with her comp haveing mouth surgery, so the elders kinda took over everything, and when i mean elders i mean me, haha every friday we have noche de hogars, we always have food there, somehow i got ropped into making a few cakes for this, everyone was kinda like, haha elders making cakes? but it turned out good! as well as there has been a lot of the meetings that i have had to plan and a few lessons i have had to do, so i kinda got a jump from the low guy on the pole to running the show this past week. 

on saterday we attended a few babtisms of the ward, one of them was a little girl that in my first week in the mission i got a phone call, it was the dad of this little girl, the girl was sick and needed a blessing, within 5 minutes the dad picked us up in his car and we went and gave the girl a blessing, before i gave her the blessing i explained to her how blessings work and just talked to her a bit. this week as she recieved babtism and the gift of the holy ghost i was asked to stand in the curcle, apparently i had made some sort of an impact, as well as i got to be the witness for both babtisms that day.

yesterday i had to give a talk in church, it was on our savior, on saterday i had written down a few thoughts of what i wanted to talk about. 3 minutes into my talk i was already just rolling with what i felt the spirit was telling me. i was supposed to talk for about 10 minutes, 23 minutes into my talk, haha yes 23 the bishop set a piece of paper on the pulpit saying it was time to shut her down, haha i guess i got a little carried away! i have learned that i really actually love giving talks!

so some of you have asked what i do on a p day, well basically i wake up, excersise personal study, and then i clean the house, mop floor, ect, then we write the fam, and after that we go get our shopping done, buying food for the week, for me i just buy protien, thats all i buy. and then when i get home i usually take about 2 hours and work out. i have started to gain weight, and its all in my upper body, thats why i only buy protien, then after i work out. i make brownies or something, then we go back to work!

i love seeing the difference i make out here, seeing those changes in peoples lives. the missions is so amazing and it really has opened my eyes, these people here in chile are amazing, and i really love them they have to much potential, its just like the prophecy for chile, they will be the light house of the world. 

love you all ! have a great week!

elder anderson

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