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Monday, March 13, 2017

CTR rings and Hatians

February 20, 2017

well so first off, the babtism i had planned got moved to this week, haha so hopefully all will go good with it!

we did end up having a babtism of the hermanas, one of the ward members babtised him but me and elder clark pretty much had to do everything else, it was  great day, 

at the end of each babtism i give each of the people that get babtized a ctr ring, i am not really sure why but they seam to really like the rings, in fact the one i gave to the hatian that got babtized last week he hasent stopped wearing it!

so this past week me and all the other elders in the district accept elder clark got sick, haha so we have all been fighting some colds for the past few days, they are weird colds though! for sure different than anything that i have ever gotten before, everything in chile is different even the sicknesses!

this past week we had lots of meetings including zone meetings with president, we basically went over a lot of the differnet ways that we are going to start teaching people, we are now starting a program where we teach in about 20 and are in and out. hopefully this will help us be able to keep a high number of people in our investigator pool as well as we will still have time to keep our new investigator numbers high,

so to answer a few of the questions people have had yes i do wash my own clothes and for lunch members always provide, haha but every now and then we dont have a lunch cause the memebers forget, then we go back to the house and make about 4 penut butter sandwitches. durring my time in the mission i will always wash my own clothes and lunches will always be provided by the members.

this week i got 2 packages, in the mail as well as some letters, thankyou for sending my the tie and all the jerky and candy and things! it was like christmas when i got those! it was also really suprising to see the letter from morgan saying that i am the best man for his wedding! not sure how i am going to do that 5000 miles away! but it will be great!  

the weather here is starting to cool down at nights, its now to the point where we get cold if the window is open at nights, hopefully it will start cooling down more soon!

not much else to write this week, hopefully i will have some pictures of a babtism next week to send you all!

love elder anderson

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