October 2016

Monday, March 13, 2017

Anderson walking and did I mention I am an Eagle Scout?

March 6, 2016

Hey fam! sounds like all went great with the wedding and all! good! i hope you are all just fine and dandy! 

this past week proved to be one full of work, and not normal work, anderson work, haha and anderson walking, if any of you have ever gone deer hunting or going anywhere with the anderson boys you learn really quickly that we have long legs, and we know how to use them, this past week i gave elder clark tons and tons of huge bad nasty blisters on his feet, i showed him what it means to be an anderson! after i read my emails this past week morgan had challenged me to on friday set high goals and complete them, we took it to the next level and called it {jacked week} we set super high goals for the week as well as we set our main goal to find a family we could teach, as the week went on we had door after door slammed in our face, but we kept going on, as the day would wind down we see milagros, happen, dont remember that work in english, sorry! but anyway we would somehow get lessons in and some how get new investigators, as well as we found 2 families that i believe have some realy potential,

as the week went on it was still hot, we got tons of grey cloads and stuff and it threatened to rain but never did, really sad! we really want it to cool down! 

it has become apparent that the lord wants us to start reactivating people, in my ward we have 150 who attend church, we have over 1000 yes 1000 memebers in the ward area, 2 guys 1 book, 1000 in actives, lets get it done! this past week we encountered many of them and tons that are great people! as well as a 16 year old girl and her 14 year old brother, 

this past week many have ask for blessings, what a wonderful oppertunity i had to be able to gives so many blessings this week and to be able to litterally bless these people, many of the chileans have problems with lazyness and it being easier to not do anything about your faith, but when people have things happen in there lives it really makes people want to come unto god, and through this we are able to help them come unto christ and act on there faith.

friday we were heading out getting to go to work but as i walked out the door there was a bunch of dudes waiting there to do some work on the house that the pentionist had ordered, so we spent a good part of the day in the house. as we were in the house we decided to clean out a bunch of stuff, we found an old ladies dress and i had elder clark put it one, haha it was really funny and the dress smelled so strong of ladies perfume!

this all in all my week was great! worked hard got tons of stuff done, and when elder clark woud get all these blisters on his feet i would patch him up, also i gave him a few pairs of my nike socks, his sock are in the gull, nike is for sure allways the way to go, haha the joke we would use all week is dont worry i got this, i am an eagle scout, 

i hope you all have a great week! love you all! 

elder anderson

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