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Friday, June 2, 2017

Transfers, El Monte

March 20, 2017

Hey Fam!

So first thing transfers, haha! I got moved to El Monte, just down the road from my old sector.  My new comp is Elder Neto, he is from Brazil.  I know him well for the fact that he was in my zone last change.

My last sector was left in a whitewash, Elder Clark left for Ochagavilla, it was a little sad to leave my sector especially since I had only been there for one change,  but El Monte is my kind of town.  This is the country, tons and tons of fields.  We have bikes coming for us this week as well.  I am super excited for this change.  We also already have some baptisms that we are walking into,  so that will be great! 

This past week we had tons of lessons with non active members, they are always so happy to receive us.  It is great to see that they still have love for our Savior, its just a matter of getting them to get to church! 

This past week on Thursday we had to go to the church because the hermanas had interviews with President and they can't be alone with President for rules of the mission.  As we were there President asked me and Clark if we had any appointments, we responded yes. He said, great, you mind if I come along? Yep we had President come with us! The person ended up not being home, so we went contacting with President.  The area we were in is pretty hard to contact because its super rich, but with President working with us we were able to arrange a few appointments that now the new elders will have to take care of. It was a way cool experience to contact with President.

So I gave Elder Clark the rest of my spare Nike socks.  I will be needing some of those in the next package! His feet were in the gull, he needed them worse than I did!

So I don't know much about El Monte yet.  I have only been here for a few hours, but in the house we live with 2 other elders, one of them is a gringo, the other is from Peru.  We all get along great, this change will be really fun.  I am going to miss my old sector and my old district, we were all really close, but this all will be super good for me.

Love you all! 

Elder Anderson

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