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Friday, June 2, 2017

Duck hunting hands

May 15, 2017

Hey Everyone,

My email this week will be pretty short, not a whole lot to write about, just the work.  I put the title duck hunting hands because that is the words that describe this week. If any of you know me, my life before the mission was all about duck hunting.  When you are duck hunting your hands take a hit and get super cold.  I remember days out in the marsh where I couldn't feel my hands because it was so cold, and then when I got home my hands would swell up because they got too cold. That is kinda what happened this past week, riding my bike with rain and really cold weather made my hands freeze! It took me back to the old days in the marsh.

This week we continued to work with people that we have been working with for a while, not a whole lot has changed.  We put in our fair share of work and then some.  There was a lot of rain and people really didn't want to open there doors and let the cold wet missionaries into their houses.

This past Saturday we had what is called a open chapel  It is where people can come in and take a tour of the church.  It is a super good program, all the missionaries and the ward participate.  It is really a big event.  Elder Lazo and I took the lead and were out front contacting people and dragging them into the church.  The Bishop of my ward here was making jokes in sacrament meeting about how Elder Anderson and Elder Lazo were crossing the street all day dragging people bag and forth like it was a big game of cat and mouse.  I had a really good time chasing down the people and talking them into taking 10 minutes out of their day to see our church.

This past week we continued to teach a lady that I have been working with a little over the past few weeks.  She has some pretty big smoking problems, but she has such a great desire to change her life. I love being able to see the changes and progress that she is making in her life.

I continue to be able to see the blessings and miracles that happen here in the mission.  I see many things happen that are direct blessings and results of the work Elder Lazo and I are doing.  I would invite all of you to look for the blessings in your lives that are results of your obedience and bein gin the church.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Anderson

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