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Friday, June 2, 2017

Going Coastal

April 3, 2017

Hey Everyone!

Well this past week has been one heck of an adventure! To start out last Thursday we had a conference with President.  This time he decided to have it at a stake center that is out on the coast, so we got up at 5 in the morning on Thursday to hit the buses! After a very crazy 3 hour bus ride and changing between a few different buses we finally arrived on the coast.  The conference was good, but the highlight was President allowed us all to take an hour and walk down to the beach.  We got to take some pictures and just enjoy the ocean air.  It was such a nice experience to get to go look at the ocean.  It was the first time I had seen the coast since I have gotten here.  The conference was good, President talked about how we can work better with the members,

This week we all had the wonderful opportunity to listen to our prophet and his apostles and we were truly spiritually fed, and might I say, listening to these guys with a mission plaque on your chest brings a whole new meaning to everything they say.  There were many things that I for sure will apply to my mission as well as I hope that all of you will apply in your lives. There were several talks that just blew me away, as well as it was amazing to be able to listen to many people talk that I have met in person, including a few of the apostles and a number of the members of the 70's.  It was great to hear the story from Elder Rasband about those missionaries in New York.  I heard that story once from him in person when he came to Chile while I was in the CCM. I for sure think there are tons of things we need to take from this conference, including 2 times we were commanded to read the family proclamation to the world. I invite you all to do that as well!

So this week will be a week of white! One of my investigators is getting baptized, as well as her daughter that I told you about last week. I am so excited for them! It should be a great week!

One of my favorite quotes from this week is, you can know the Savior, not just learn of Him. I truly know that to be true.  Our relationship with Him is so important, and it truly is a relationship and not a history class way of learning of someone. I love to see my relationship as well as others with our Savior grow closer. I love to see the change and the light of our Savior grow in people's eyes as Elder Neto and I help these people find the true path of our Savior.

So I am still working on that bike. ha ha! It's pretty far down the hill. Hopefully I will have it done by tomorrow.

Love you all! Have a great week!

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