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Friday, June 2, 2017

Pinguinos, vineyards, bike breakdowns

April 17, 2017
So here in Chile there are these little things that are almost just like hostess cupcakes, but way, way better. They are called pinguinos and any time we get a chance to go buy some we do. This morning we all decide we wanted to go hike to the top of the mountain, so we got up, rode our bikes to the base of a pretty big mountain. We spent a few hours climbing to the top, it was pretty steep, but we all had a blast and enjoyed hiking to the top of a mountain and eating pinguinos. As we got to the top the clouds were starting to clear up and we got to overlook into the valleys of El Monte and Talagante and Milipilla. As we hiked back down to the bottom, got on our bikes and were riding them through the vineyards back to the main road the chain on my bike broke. So I had to use it like a scooter the rest of the miles back to the house. It was a good workout! 

These past few days we have gone into some areas that we haven't been in and boy here in my sector there is the most beautiful farming land I have ever seen in my life! I don't have a picture because I forgot my camera when we went into this area, but I have a lesson there this week so I will remember to bring it next time!

This past week I lost 2 days of work. Elder Reese and I were blessed to be sick, and we sure were sick. There were several times where we Elder Reese told me he was going to die. Good times. Luckily we both recovered just fine. The first day was really rough, but the second day we could sit up, so we used a little bit of time and dyed some Easter eggs!

So the highlight investigator of the week is a lady named P. She is in her late 50s.  Her husband is a member. She is a very strong lady with a rough past, but she is willing to do whatever it takes to get baptized! We have a date with her for the 27th of May because that is the day that she is getting married. She needs to be married before she can be baptized.

This past week I stopped by the house where 2 of my retention's live. I love talking to my retention's but sometimes just like all of us they make mistakes, so this week we will be working more with them.

I love you all! I hope you all had a great Easter week. What a great day Sunday was, the opportunity we had to look back on our relationship with our Savior and all the amazing things he did for us.


Elder Anderson

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