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Friday, June 2, 2017

A week in the John Deere tractor

May 8, 2017

Hey Family!

I put the title of my email as it is because I was reminded of weeks at work and weeks working on the ranch with grandpa stacking hay and in the tractors all day long. I was reminded that the good old John Deere tractor is the hardest working machine that we got in America, and this past week Elder Lazo and I worked just like the good, old John Deere tractors. 

The week started out with just finding gold.  We honestly just found and started working with 3 people that I have high hopes for. Elder Lazo and I have found how to work with each other, and if I do say so myself, this week we did good. I can't wait to see what happens when we keep tilling up the sector.

Over the past week it got colder, and when it gets cold, its super cold! In the mornings it gets cold and then around 12 or 1 it starts to heat up, but as soon as the sun is gone it gets cold again.

I well be skyping this week around 5:00  I would turn on the computer and wait as soon as you get home. I will email on Sunday right after church to let you know more.

Today for p-day we cleaned the house, and we cleaned and cleaned! ha ha! We still got some work to do.  I cleaned the sink too.

Sorry, not too much to write this week. I will tell ya more next week! Listen to the voice recording!

love you all! 

Elder Anderson

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