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Monday, July 24, 2017

Beach Town Chile

June 27, 2017

hey fam!
another week in your typical beach town in chile, dogs rain and coastal breeze, this past week has been pretty good. just a typical week where nothing and i mean nothing really eventful happened, as i had mentioned last week my sector was kinda in the low part for people progressing, this past week we spent a very large amount of time contacting, we talked and talked and talked, and we now know that if we want to work this sector it is not through contacting, the people were not receptive, now dont get me wrong we did find a few people that we are going to pass by, including a family where the dad is a member and the mom and daughter arent, and they have tons of questions! so we will follow up with them this week to see what we can do.

one thing that did happen is it rained and it rained, here in chile they dont have good drainage systems, expecially when the the rain just doest stop! haha but it makes for a fun adventure, all the streets turn to rivers, and we get to go have a fun adventure in the rain, 

sunday we had stake conferance, it was a pretty good conferance, the missionaries had to sing in a chior, we sounded pretty good for a bunch of missionaries, the conferance was really sentered on the faith and how in life our faith will have its ups and downs but we need to make sure it is in the general direction of up!!! which reminds me alot of the talk from general conferance called look up! i invite you all to read that again.

yesterday since our p day was changed we had to make arrangements for lunch, luckuly a great family offered, when we were over there the family had all there grandaughters there, as we were all eating one that had like 7 years kept looking at me, me being me i asked her if i looked different or something, haha it was really cute of this little girl to be so curious as to why i looked so different. at times i forget that i am white out here, until someone in the streets screems hello! sometimes i forget that i am different, i really feal like i am a chilean, people say i even have the accent.

i love you all! have a great week!

elder anderson

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