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Monday, July 24, 2017

Grongo Vacation

July 7, 2017

hey yall!

this past week has been one full of miricles, many things happened this week that showed us that the lord has been watching our hard work, to start out this past week we now have 4 people that have committed to babtizm, 3 hatianos that speak good spanish and english and 1 chileano that is an older guy that has stomach cancer, each of these people we litteraly stumbled upon them, the only problem is we cant make anything offical with any of them becuase none of them have come to church.

jose, jose is the older chilean that we met on tuesday, tuesday we had interviews with president and so our day was kinda a little shorter on time to work, we had just gotten out of a lesson and for some random reason we started contacting up in this part of the sector, which we normaly would not do at this time of night, like 8:30, elder quipildor then said lets go visit jose, i had never even heard of this guy, but we litteraly were headed straite for his house without knowing it, turns out my comp had seen him around the change before i got here but had never had a lesson with him. as we nocked on his door he let us and we had a great lesson with him talking about babtism, we then commited him to be batized, it will be a little harder to teach him becuase he cant read but it will all turn out good, we have high hopes and lots of faith, one thing that i have learned about is that with everyone we really need to have tons of faith in them, all to often we classify people after we leave there house as if they are going to progress fast or not progress, as we have tried to put all the faith in the world into these people and extend a lot more invitations and dates for babtism we are seeing the results.

today for p day my comp had to go get his visa done, since it is a couple hours in bus to get to santiago he left last night, with some other elders from san antonio that had to do there visas as well, so i am on divisions with elder johnson, the zl, he has only 2 weeks left in the mission, so we decided to go up to el quisko today and hang out with all the other gringos in the zone, litterally all the latinos are gone today, haha we ended up walking around a bit looking at the ocean and we went and ate a churrasko in a nice little resturaunt. it has been a really great day, nice and laid back, haha and i havent spoken this much english in months!

so last monday i was on divisions with the dl elder nicolas  from peru, we were leaving a car of a member and as i was getting out i heard a big rip! the back of my pants had gotten caught on something and had oppened of the back end of my pants pretty good! luckily i was wearing thermals underneath,

so today i took some time and bought some new pants for a super good price, it was like 2 pants for 25 bucks, this week i will take them to a ward member and she will slim them up for me. haha always the custom fit pants for the missionaires!

thankyou for all the support you all give me, i hope you all had an amazing 4th of july, please have a great week!

elder anderson

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