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Monday, July 24, 2017

Fly Over States, Jason Aldean

July 3, 2017

sup fam!

welll my subject this week i decided to give a shout out to my good old country! 4 july for sure wont be the same out here in chile as it will be there, this song by jason aldean if i remember right explains alot of how america is, small towns and country, thats what america is, i am super greatfull to be able to be from this country, and to be able to have the rights and things that i have there, you never realize how great it is to live in the states until you dont live in them anymore.

well this week was very much the same as last week, lots of trying to find people, some of the people that we found over the past while have started to progress, its a little hard to teach them though, these people are all friends with our retention joey, so in this case many of them have very bad drug problems. i haved worked with serval cases of things like this, it is hard for them to progress and change but when they do, it for sure is rewarding,

this past week we have been seen several miricles happen, we can see the lord trying to bless us, we have found a few people that are really receptive when we are there, its just hard to get them to church because here in the port everyone works all the time, the fishing opperations here have been hitting gold this past week so alot of people have not been home much. 

this week i have planned a ward activity, my hopes are that this small ward of 50 people will be able to be a little more united, the activity will be this friday at 7, we have a few activities planned that hopefully will turn out great!

so i got to give a shout out to friend weller, haha for teaching us how to lead music, the ward found out that i can lead so thats what i am doing now! haha also when i have time i am trying to remember what i learned from piano lessons, hopefully i can remember enough to play then we can have a piano durnig those hymns!

other than that not a whole lot to tell! i hope you guys have a great week! and remember to always remember to retain your knowledge that you recieve, not going to really explain it, but you will always use the knoledge you have throughout life! no matter what!

love you all!

elder anderson

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