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Monday, July 24, 2017

The struggle is real

July 17, 2017

Hey Everyone,

This week was a pretty normal week, super slow at the first of the week and super busy at the end. Not a whole to tell you guys about either, 

First off  these past few days have been super cold, ha ha! President is even making jokes in our emails we get from him about how cold it is! Here in Chile it snows once every like 20 years, and I guess its has been one of those years cause snow fell a few days ago in Santiago.  Not here on the coast though.

On Sunday we finally had a few people attend church and we now have a baptism date with a man named J for the 5th of agusto.  We have lots of hope for him.  He is a super great guy! He is a little older like in his 60's, but he has a very strong testimony.

So last week I got a call from the office asking what we were running in our house.  They explained that our electrical bill was running 5 times higher than normal.  In our house we have less things than most of the other pentions have.  After doing a little inspecting I found a nice cable running from my house to my neighbors, haha!  They were stealing our power for the past 2 months.  I called the office and they sent a guy to take a look at it and in the end the guy just cut the cable and threw it away, nothing more.  I had a good laugh at it because who would of thought to do something like that?

So today for p-day an Elder from the next sector over stayed with me in my house.  He is a great guy from California and his parents are both from Mexico.  We had a good time scrubbing the house.  I am sure our mom's are proud of us! We cleaned everything we could.  The fridge, everything!

So talking about the struggle is real...just a reference to how life is.  The mission is super great, but it is always a struggle to get people to church, but it is such a reward for them and for us when they finally go.  I have found that once a person goes to church once, somewhere down the road they get baptized.  That is why it is such a goal to get people to go to church!

I hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Anderson

My Mr. Rogers Sweater.

Cable connecting to our apartment.

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