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Monday, July 24, 2017

Well I did say I like to work

June 19, 2017

hey fam,

so to start off i wont send pics again, this computer has more viruses than the people here know what to do with. 

so this week has been pretty real, haha as i started the week i spent as much time as i could cleaning up the house and the sector, the house that we live in is your typical beach house with tons of sand!!!! all the streets here are sand streets, so it gets in the house, also not a single elder has really taken time to clean the house in probably ever! so i threw out tons of old clothes and junk that was in the house, after burning most of my freetime the house is finally a little better. 

so the sector here has been left out to dry for quite some time, it hasent seen a babtism in a while, but the retention here is good, cause the other elders were visiting them every day! when i got here they wasnt anyone that was progressing or even was being taught really, the people that my comp took us to visit the first few days were a bunch of hatianos that dont speak english or spanish so we cant teach them. 

so all throughout my life i have always said i like to work. haha so that is for sure what the lord put me in this sector for. there is tons of work to be done here, this past week we spent a good amount of time in the streets looking for people to teach, chileanos! not hatianos, we found a good number of people that we are now helping progress,

one of the retentions here is a very cool 24 year old kid, he has had a really rough life, before he was babtized he was one of the largest drug dealers on the coast. after visiting him a few times he introduced us to some of his friends that have seen the change in him and we are now working with them to make the same change. they are all super nice people, one is named kevin, he is 20 years old and he really wants to not only change his life but help change a lot of other lives as well.

so the ward here is really small, my job this week is visit them all and get them helping us. this week i spent some time studying in alma 26, it talks a lot about how we are all called to do this work, and how the lord has prepaired us, and how we can keep prepairing for things. i invite you all to read this chapter!

i love you all, have a great week!

elder anderson

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